SXSW 2017 – Fundraising Advice From Top VCs

SXSW 2017 – Fundraising Advice From Top VCs


This past SXSW, I had the honor of curating and moderating a terrific and diverse panel of investors at the TFQ Lounge.

Christine Herron, Co-lead – Intel Capital Diversity Fund
Sean Jacobsohn, Partner – Norwest Venture Capital
Suzy Ryoo, Venture Partner – Atom Factory and Cross Culture Ventures
Aditi Maliwal, Corporate Development – Google (formerly Crosslink Captial)

Some key takeaways for founders that are fundraising:

  • Be thoughtful in your outreach to VCs – customize your emails (it is obvious when you do not).
  • Do your HOMEWORK – know about the firm and partner you are meeting.
  • Be prepared for your meetings and do not be dependent on your deck. You should know your business and your market inside-out.
  • It’s great you have a plan to get to $50M, but we also want to know how you will get to your first million.
  • Know your market size – bottom up, not just top down.
  • Know your why and be prepared to speak to it.

Watch the clip below for more great advice.