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Robyn Ward is a a highly sought-after speaker on the topics of leadership, peak performance and mindset – as well as the CEO of FounderForward, a leading coaching, training and development business located in Los Angeles.

From global stages like GSM Mobile Congress 2019 to intimate immersive workshops at VCs such a First Round and CrossCut Ventures, Robyn energizes audiences to make positive changes for themselves, their teams and their businesses.

Whether you are trying to inspire thousands at a conference or build your executive team’s leadership skills, Robyn will customize her message to motivate your audience to take action. Through her science-backed talks she creates relatable  and interactive experiences proven to inspire people make the necessary changes to start performing at their best.

Below are talks Robyn has crafted using the latest human behavior research, corporate development studies, and her expertise in leadership from 20+ years in the startup industry.


Best Self-LeadershipPeak PerformanceThe F WordsMind Your Mind

Robyn speaks at conferences, universities, companies and venture firms


“Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing several ACTIONABLE takeaways that can be immediately implemented into day to day life in order to improve it. We often know what we need to do, but sometimes need to give ourselves permission to do it. I also appreciate that these frameworks and tools can be used by ANYONE. Appreciate you and all that you do, Robyn! Thank you for being so giving with your time and energy.”

– Miki Reynolds, Grid110

“If we want our companies to be their best, we, as leaders, need to work to be our very best as well. Robyn is an amazing coach who really helps a CEO become more self-aware and improve their performance to achieve that goal. Robyn conducted a fantastic CEO workshop for me and a large group of our CEO’s, and I would recommend it highly for everyone.”

– Bill Gross, Founder of Idealab, the 1st-ever startup incubator


“Robyn’s insight into the struggles of founders combined with her energetic delivery style left our teams talking about this workshop for days. Her strategies for handling the most pressing issues entrepreneurs face are both practical and transformative. Highly recommended.”

– Anna Barber, MD Techstars LA