2017 was a roller coaster. On a macro level, it was a shitshow (fires, shootings, backward progress in civil rights, devastating #metoo stories, Orange Baffoon shenanigans). On a micro level, it was a pretty good year for me. A year of a great deal of growing and stretching. I feel wiser and more in touch with who I am, and my purpose for being, than ever before. This year I started a new business and, while it is certainly not without its struggles, I am loving every minute (well, most minutes) of the journey.

As an empath, I have felt a bit conflicted about feeling good about where I am at on a personal level when society – and the world at large – is so troubled. There is so much sadness and devastation. So many days where I get overwhelmed by frustration, disappointment, shock, and even anger. Anybody else feeling this? I have been intensely thinking about this these last few days.

What I have come up with is just to remind myself that life can be quite paradoxical. And 2017 has brought peak paradox. Good and bad. Grief and gratitude. Joy and sorrow. Progress and setbacks. Opportunities and challenges.

And so… 2017 you have brought “the best of times and the worst of times.”

2018 – I look forward to more personal and professional growth. I have big goals and am prepared to crush them:)

I also pray for major changes in my industry, country and the world. I pray for us humans to be kinder and more compassionate with each other and our sacred planet. And I pray for a miracle (Mueller?, Meuller?) that removes this psychopath from his position as Leader of the Free World.

Happy New Year!

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