I’m back – FOR GOOD

Um…yes, it is October 21st, 2010 and my first and last post was February of 2009.  Being a Bus Dev Exec in the Internet/Tech startup space, I very much understood the importance of personal branding via blogging……But being a Bus Dev Exec at one of the fastest-growing LA-based Internet startups also means I was laser-focused and uber-busy building a business.   Still I should have made the time and I did not – and I do regret it.   One of my favorite entrepreneurs and new media personalities, Gary V, is correct in his preachings that all businesspeople and businesses should be blogging.  His book, Crush It, is one of my favorite books this year.   I highly suggest reading it.  All I can say now is that I am back and committed to regular posts about my adventures in entrepreneurship as well as my adventures in life.

Here are some of my adventures these past 20 months:

Docstoc –
Fitness Instructor – Intensati, YAS
Hanggliding – life list

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